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About_sahi-music_1200px_gates of heaven

..this picture was taken by Stefan Bruns in 2005 or 2006…





”I see trees that are green…red roses too…
I watch them bloom for me and you
and I think to myself 
what a wonderful world.”

Louis Armstrong

thank you clouds..for your..songs of freedom
they were my bread..when nothing more I could be fed…
they quenched my thirst…when in deserts lost



In this dream…years after I wrote ‘Songs of Freedom’…
the only think I saw.. was a sea of white cumulus clouds, huge high rounded mountains in a crystal blue sky …
and from these clouds came a melody sung by black male bass voices..
the wordless music was so enchantingly beautiful…
that I.. at the verge of waking up..  tried 
a.  my best to memorize it ..failed…and 
b.  to dwell longer there…failed again…in this space between heaven and earth


Visionary mountains, above and afar
like answers to questions
on life, love 
and the longing to survive

Joan Armatrading


I don’t know, if there is an actual physical space in the sky, where that music, that had been since centuries composed around the three main notes:
arises from
but I know that Johann Sebastian Bach, when he wrote ‘Aria’ for instance, had been there


“It is such a mysterious place, the land of tears.”
 Antoine de Saint-Exupéry



How not to be awed, by a sky full of stars ?
Or a bee on a flower ?

strange unheard sounds coming from the morning sky, palishly blue,
force me to look up..
two white swans are flying
directly above me towards the rising sun…

the spectacle is of such magical beauty…
that I become one with them in that moment…

about sahi msic 800 px

…but one of the most harmonious and beautiful visual composition I had the fortune to see,
was that of a pod of dolphins, mere black silhouettes then,
moving gracefully in that ocean, that still reflected the colours of the sun, that had just set 


..I am so sorry that I am not able to help them..



...this image..not mine..shows the range of colour involved when the sun sets in tropical regions




I  use images of nature as references,
as models to compose…
the song
*White Lilies*
was written
four years after my first flight over the Alps..
and as a rather ‘airy’ person,
to fly over such massiveness,
such greyish-black solidity and unmovable strength
had been


ammon over sahi



I used to be a sailor,
who sailed across the seas,
but now I’m just an island,
since they took my boat away from me
oh no

I don’t like being stationary,
I like the rocky wavy motions of the sea,
I sit and rot behind these padded walls,
hoping one day they’ll fall
and set me free

Tracy Chapman
Island of Blissfullness

currently living in a city close to the sea…
on of my friends, a retired captain, who used to sail ships like the one above, talked once of the place, beautifully located amidst old beech trees, he will probably spent the rest of his remaining life in, 
the island of blissfulness ( insel der glückseligkeit )….
maybe twenty sentences later… he told me that he often misses the sea…

could relate to that…

will soon write, why in spite of the covid 19 lock-down and rotting in stone walls.. I lost all interest in travelling.. esp.. flying…
 had been addicted, like the captain to his sea, to being in an aeroplane… the closest one could get to heaven…











April, April der macht doch was er will

which means vaguely translated:  April, April, anyhow does whatsoever he wills ….due to the world wide lock-down and the billions..probably… of tons of co2 that had not been omitted into the atmosphere…
this years April , like the winter months, is almost as traditional and therefore unpredictable as it used to be… rain, sun, snow, hail, frosty nights and the winds allowed to run wild and free for the last time…the entire pallete of meteorological expressions are being displayed…in order to get rid of all the crusts and dead-like frozen rigidity of winter and herald the arrival of spring…

had been surprised when one morning..  the theme of ~Island of Blissfulness ~emerged…will as soon as I have the equipment to record vocals…complete the song in its entirety


updated 23. April 2021

first signs of a drought appear..the amount of rainfall has steadily decreased over the past years…who wonders…with cars and parking spaces being the most valuable item in the lives of many, esp. men, here…trees, millions have been cut down this year due to the storms we had…are considered an inconvenient item of nature… to get rid of asap…many animals, like the mole for instance had to be protected as an endangered species…for they where mercilessly killed as soon as their molehills appeared on the perfectly manicured Englisch lawn of the proud garden-owner…so until the brain-dead mass, that exists in every society, is not prevented from cutting down everything that comes before their chain saws…desertification and species extinction will not be stopped…will translate an interview with Prof. Dr. Matthias Glaubrecht, when I write about the value of trees…



How not to love them?

so many things  I needed to now about the often un-natural behavior of man.. I have learned from animals

and … I owe them my life

will write , how a pack of dogs saved me from being abducted and killed in one of these slum cities … that are growing  and spreading like cancerous ulcers all over the world

~ once bitten twice shy ? yes.. will write about that..

~ almost beaten to death.. forever shy ?

will, in a blog post.. Sindi loved me… and I loved Sindi… end of story… write what living for 2 weeks with a traumatized dog taught me…

~will write how the dogs of my neighbours taught me that everybody is a rassist..and we need to define this word new…
because in the judgment of a stranger…  friend, foe, neither nor..  we after determining their sex, ag, we also include the colour of their skin, hair, vibes…etc..

Patriarchy & Slavery:
glad systemic racism in the US was exposed last year .. will write about the slave mentality of the poor, and using a child song of this region…
“Who is afraid of the black man? Nobody !! And if he comes? Then we will run!!” … why the abducting and trading of human beings, was not only a ‘white man’s thing’… and why, even nowadays, these slave traders and holders… for what else are their women and daughters? see.. the abduction of princess Latifa.. could teach white supremacists a lesson or two… Islamophobia is not there without a reason !!!
source:  Wiki



– how two swans on a city lake taught me:

a.  why it is important to move after having been angry, stressed or agitated  and
b. that our deepest sense of having failed, men who have not become pervs. included… is not to be able to protect children from violence or sexual abuse

-how a lonely dolphin.. after giggling about my fears .. will never forget that smile…
set me ‘on his wavelength’ of absolute bliss and happiness…




Many musicians in the east,
where the art of meditation was studied and practiced most,
have successfully made beauty
and the silence it accompanies, audible…
Hariprasad Chaurasia is one of these master musicians
who can take you through the heart,
into this space of spacelessness , into the time where no time exists…



Anoushka Shankar


I think..all musicians, whether the know it or not ,
are copy & paste artists…

the sweetest melodies are composed by the birds, the oceans, the rivers,
the winds that rushes through the trees
and although Rabindranath Tagore wrote:

“The singer has everything within him. The notes come out from
his very life.
They are not materials gathered from outside.”

I collect, whether I want to or not,  from the world outside too,
sometimes unbearable sorrows, sometimes joy and
songs of freedom, esp. when I am alone in nature…




I had the first dream of warning,
when I was living in my wild 90′
in a rented tiny room in the attic of an old mansion..
near a small park..  in the outskirts of a big city..
a man with long, slightly curly light-brown hair,

like Andreas Vollenweider in this picture,

wearing rainbow coloured John Lennon glasses
and a white robe 
told me that: 


and disappeared


maybe 2 or 3 years later,
I dreamt that I was swimming in a flooded underground station ..
when the torrents of the high water finally toke me out of this tunnel to the level of the street,
the first thing I saw was the big sign of
a Mac Donalds restaurant

Nobody knew then, the weather was apart from lesser amounts of snow  in winter still normal, how excessively the rain forests will be cleared,
and are still being cleared,
(or slash-and-burnt by the current president of Brasil _update 2020)
for the breeding of cattle…

Sept. 2020 found this article today:

‘Expansion of cattle pastures has led to the destruction of huge swaths of rain forest in Brazil, home to the world’s largest herd of commercial beef cattle.”



how to catch dreams

so many things crystallized when covid 19, representing death, unasked and unexpected entered our lives…apart from bringing to the surface my aversion against crowds and dirt and malodour, I then finally understood, starting with a dream about covid 19, how this ..’ seeing pictures in dreams, of problems I have no answer to’ .. workes



I will therefore write about some of them ..for I feel they do not concern me alone…like the two that shocked me most: 


Maria had been black…and from another planet… ?
I couldn’t be further away from this ” Maria/ Jesus” obsessive religion..so will try to describe the image and why it shocked me when I saw it…

and the one I had a month ago…where I saw the invasion of the Arabs…these dream, for the first time ever..consisted of sequences of four images…so is history going to repeats itself in Germay / Europe ? 

excerpt from  Historyplex
”The Moors were the nomadic inhabitants of the North African continent. They invaded the Iberian peninsula in 711, defeating the Visigoths, and established their rule for almost 800 years. The Moorish empire included most of Spain and Portugal; the Moors attempted to invade France as well, but were halted by Charles Martel.”



wanted to write about this dream in my blog post…
but as I, almost more then one year into the pandemic, still meet people, who don’t take this virus seriously enough..
and it might take months till the blog page is set up..
here the dream I had last year…around March 2020…
when first disturbing reports from Austria, Italy and Spain about infections and deaths through an unknown virus hit the news…


first I heard this voice saying..

and then I saw my body lying under logs ..like a funeral pyre in India…

we had seen, via our medias, the wildfires raging 2020 in California and Australia..
so I knew, when I woke up that this virus is real and dangerous.
Now, Mai 2021, with all the reports about mass-infections and deaths, esp. in India  through the variants of Covid 19, wonder if the image of the funeral pyre symbolized India ? 





“Death is not extinguishing the light;
it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.”
Rabindranath Tagore