I am now in the process of updating this page…will take a while till it’s to my liking…lots of love and a bit of patience

knowing by observing myself.. now… how i tick…..just like the bees need the nectar of flowers..
i need beauty to function…in a sane and non-destructive way

with all the man-created ugliness around,
it’s hard for me not to become depressiv… in winter esp..
when instead of the snow that ought to cover the land,
due to climate change, everything is covered in this steely-above zero degrees-mixture of grey coldness…

i was fortunately born when all four season would arrive and depart
with the precision of a Swiss watch…so i know the beauty of all of them..
all the best music..paintings..art..of this region…are inspired by them…

‘Winterreise ‘ ‘Winter Journey’ in engl.
by Franz Schubert for instance,
has unearthly beautiful passages…

will write about him and the era he lived in…soon

and as the ‘traditional winter’ here, 
-always below zero degrees, always snowy, instead of rainy like 3 days ago-
have taught me not only that the so called race,
is just an adaptation to the geological climates of the earth,
and that this un-fur-y being called homo sapiens could not have evolved here,
but as it also always brought this silences of stillness with it, close to sleep..closer to death…
so needed by people who work with sounds…

i will dedicate a blog post to the winter… 


so just looking at the pics of ‘my island’ must do the job of anti-depressant.. for now…

will write in more detail…blog..how i …just by _going into raptures _(right expression?) 
over ‘my’ newly discovered paradise, whenever i was back home… helped to destroy it completely

now at least, with the covid 19 travel restrictions, the nature there, and in so many places,
  is able to recover from this ominous species called mass-tourist…
which always leaves destruction in its wake..

 nobody could have predicted, at the time when i set out to discover this planet,
and long-distance -flights were really!!! expensive, that

a day will come when flying to a holiday resort can be cheaper then taking the train, bus or a car 
that the population of the earth will explode in this insane way..

when within the time frame of one human life, five billion people are being added to this tiny earth with ease

…everybody with the basic knowledge of maths
  will see that all the
Paris Climate Agreements of the world,
arrest the catastrophes heading our way

joy.. when saw that dolphins are spotted in the canals of Venice again…
due to the lockdown

grateful for China’s virus..although i might die from it?..yes…more in my blog…

Bhutan does it right in handling them..the tourists… in many ways…
because before the dream spot is mentioned in every travel guide…
the child rapist will be there, if location is situated in a developing country..
where everybody, esp. the police, can be bribed

in Germany at least,  just like there are according to the size of the shops, stores…
only a limited number of customers aloud inside..
to inhibit the spread of covid 19, only a limited number of tourist at a time,
should be allowed in eco-systems that are too fragile to handle too many of us at once

but it was a dream i had, when deciding whether to live permanently there,
that forced me to abandon my paradise..forever..
will write in another blog about it..


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