this picture was taken by Stephan Bruns 2005 or 2006


Planet Erde

Wunder über wunder über wunder hält mutter natur bereit..
ein blassblauer morgenhimmel
die seltsamen töne zweier schwäne die direkt über mir
der aufgehenden sonne entgegenfliegen...

der anblick ist von solch magischer schönheit, dass ich
eins mit ihnen werde...und fliege..
dieses bild wird mir wie ein perfektes kunstwerk in erinnerung bleiben...
wie so viele, die dieses, ehemalige, paradise gennant erde, mir gezeigt hat..

übersetzung erfolgt am abend..lg
I would have transferred this image  to a canvas one day,
to make it visible for even those to see, and maybe admire,
who never seem to look into the sky…

as a musician, I still use images of nature as references, as models to compose…
the song
~White Lilies
~ was written 4 years after my first flight over the Alps..
as a rather ‘airy’ person to fly over such massivness,
such greyish-black solidity and unmovable strength was awe~some
but one of the most harmonious visual composition I had the fortune to see,
was a pod of dolphins,
moving gracefully in that ocean, that still reflected the colours of the sun,
that had just set
behind them…

Hope to be able one day, to compose music that matches this image..

many musicians in the east,
where the art of meditation was studied and practised most,
have successfully made beauty
and the silence it accompanies, audible…

Hariprasad Chaurasia is one of those master musicians
who can take you through the heart,
into this space of spacelessness , into the time where no time exists…

all musicians, whether the know it or not , are copy & paste artists…
the sweetest melodies are composed by the birds, the oceans, the rivers,
the winds that rushes through the trees…
and although Rabindranath Tagore wrote:

“The singer has everything within him. The notes come out from his very life.
They are not materials gathered from outside.”
I collect from the world outside too, sometimes unbearable sorrow, sometimes inexpressible joy…

creation takes time..destruction is almost instant…

I had the first dream of warning when I was living in my wild ’90
in a rented miniscular room in the attic of an old mansion,
close to a small park in the outskirts of a big city..
a man with long slightly curly hair, wearing rainbow coloured John Lennon glasses
told me that **the rainforests are the lungs of the earth**

maybe 2 or 3 years later,
I dreamt that I was swimming in a flooded underground station ..
when the torrents of the high water finally toke me out of this tunnel to the level of the street,
the first thing I saw was the big sign of
Mac Donalds…

Nobody knew then how excessivly the rainforests will be cleared,
and are still being cleared, (or slash-and-burnt by the current president of Brasil _update 2019)
for the breeding of cattle…

Floods have become the new norm in Germany,
torrential rain I have only know from sub-tropical countries are the norm..
to have dismal grey clouded days without sun even in the height of summer, is the norm now…
I’ve not read the statistics for this ‘winter 2017/2018’
but it is definitely the warmest we ever had in this region..

(update Oct. 2019 …as a contrast:
worst drought recorded..summer 2018)

If time, I will create a blog to show what each and every one of us,
even when living in a crowded city like I do, can do to help the earth to survive us…
key issues are:
combating desertification by planting as many trees as possible’ beautiful video here….

urban gardening and esp. the idea of green walls by Patrick Blanc,

…the attempt to not consume anything that has a face…

we have been taught that the consumption of meat is necessary to be physically strong…
The strongest animals on earth and Patrik Baboumian,

as he himself likes to joke, are the living proof that this teaching is wrong..

‘The greed of gain has no time or limit to its capaciousness.
Its one object is to produce and consume.
It has pity neither for beautiful nature nor for living…”

Rabindranath Tagore


''Eines tages wird die erde weinen,
sie wird um ihr leben bitten,
sie wird mit blutigen tränen weinen.
Du wirst entscheiden müssen

ob du ihr hilfst, oder sie sterben läßt,
und wenn sie stirbt,
wirst auch du sterben.''
~ John Hollow Horn, Oglala Lakota

ca. 1850 – 1913

die größten freuden hat mir die natur gegeben..das großte leid deshalb,
 we don’t have the right to do so..or as a proverb states:

..wir haben die erde von unseren kindern nur geborgt...

'' Die zeit wird bald kommen,
in der mein enkel sich nach dem ruf des eistauchers,
dem kurzem anblick eines lachses, das flüstern von fichtennadeln, oder dem schrei eines adlers sehnen wird.

Aber es wird sich mit keiner dieser wesen anfreunden können
und wenn sein herz vor verlangen schmerzt,
wird es mich verfluchen.''

Habe ich alles getan um die luft sauber zuhalten?

Habe ich mich genug um das wasser gekümmert?

Habe ich dem adler erlaubt sich in die freiheit aufzuschwingen?

Habe ich alles getan um die zuneigung meines enkelkindes zu verdienen?

– Chief Dan George, Tsleil-Waututh (1899 – 1981)


um zu erklären wer ich bin
würde ich sagen:

I am a tree that can walk, a bird that can talk, an animal that can sing
und ein fisch der fahrradfahren kann...

un-mengen an liebe, glück & musik...sahi



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