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”It is the experience of seeing firsthand the reality of the Earth in space, which is immediately understood to be a tiny, fragile ball of life,
“hanging in the void”…
From space, national boundaries vanish, the conflicts that divide people become less important,
and the need to create a planetary society with the united will to protect this
“pale blue dot”
becomes both obvious and imperative.”

Ian O’Neill  – Astronaut

…it’s pretty obvious..we are stardust…Edgar Mitchell-Apollo Astronaut


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dear friends, 

today is Sunday the 16th August 2020,
and I am in the process of updating and restructuring not only this website…

but after I worked myself into a stage of a burn-out-syndrome,
also my life…

…a more detailed explanation will follow soon…

lots of love

29th September 2020
finished the love song ** ONCE UPON A TIME **

..had not intended to write a new song…
there are so many old composition and songs
I have to revive from their data storage life,
that just the thought of all the time and work this 
will involve, makes me want to quit this occupation

…but maybe because we where in the sign of Libra,
the star sign of my beloved mother..
close to the full moon… there it was all at once …

..and took me through this ocean of emotions
and never-ending? sorrow..

5th October 2020

..out of the spell of the song..
..so many tears had to be shed…
for sooo many ~I love you~s~ that had not been said

13th November 2020

finished *From Sahi with Love*
could not take part in the
due to time-and location-differences
but working on this song, from Monday onwards,
catapulted me directly into 
this festive space 

14th November 2020

back to the ugly reality of this overpopulated country
will write in a blog post, how after my first visit in a slum-city in Asia
ages ago..were I almost got killed
I saw that not the rat,- nor the locusts,- but the human-plague
or the omnivorous animal called man,
will destroy, bzw…(german) devour the entire environment of this earth


bilder sagen mehr als 1000 worte ?
pictures say more then 1000 words..?
just found this site with impressive images

Surfing on a wave full of trash in Java (Indonesia), the world’s most populated island

Surfing on a wave full of trash in Java (Indonesia), the world’s most populated island

An inclination to perfectionism is needed in art
not being able to stop working..
spending days, weeks, months on a project…
rejecting the bodies need to rest, eat, move..
leads to, esp when the result turns out to be crappy…

an exhaustion…I will try to describe now…

  • sahi_Music_home_stones

 The 3 decisions 
I will have to stick to ~ to not die of Karoshi

-I will only release songs (2 exceptions) if I have the money to have them recorded
mixed and mastered professionally

— I will restrict my work on the laptop/pc to 4 hour per day —

– I will leave things imperfect !!!

  • …deco,-and creato-holics will know how hard the last one is..

  • when I looked up the  Japanese word ”Karoshi’..and read that esp. young people die because of overwork in Japan
    I felt so sorry for them…the companies who cause these deaths should be held accountable…

    bevor the invention of the car…everything…the mail, people etc. had to be transported in coaches…the slow onces had two… the fast once up to six horses that pulled them.. but every  coach driver knew when the coach had to stop..
    because the horses needed rest…and fodder…
    driving young people to death through exhaustion so you can stay ahead of the race..
    is contemptuous 

The two exception are, as the dreaded winter-time is here
two anti-depressants
 (the now leave-less tree in the garden was wearing its crown of stars so majestically beautiful, that i decided to name the classical peace for piano and clarinet)


and a song called


both are without voices so I hopefully will have no difficulties mixing them

  • sahi_music_home_abschied

which means translated
** To Say Farewell **
 was written last autumn, pre-covid 19, using a poem by
Margot Bickel,
and was ready in  2 or 3 days
I then made the video, using just the instrumental mix (soundtrack)
because I anyway cannot record vocals in this  poorly soundproofed  flat,
but also then the pieces fell easily into place

  • Abschiednehmen
    sich trennen
    einen Teil von sich selbst
    etwas dem Wind überlassen
    den Fluten
    dem Wasser
    das Sterben lernen
    jeden Tag ein wenig
    für das Neue
    das folgt

    Margot Bickel
    wenn I first read her poems.. at the age of 19.. hardly anybody knew her
    just saw that it.. the poem ( will try a translation when video is released )
    is nowadays being used as an eulogy…don’t think a graveyard is the right place for it


…that will, hopefully, leave me alive…



sahi music to do list new



update: 15 th March 2021
..everything takes way longer then expected…sorry…
hope to record a song, where I used a poem by Rumi as lyrics…soon…

rumi the guest house by sahi music



๛ lots of love ๛ happiness & music ๛




* SONG for ANNA*
is one of  three songs, not released,  I wrote after the death of my grandmother Anna Elisabeth Eulitz
in 2005
which means doors of heaven is the second and
somewhere on a data drive too, the third

Tears of Salt

oh, heaven open & take my soul..
I’m drowning here in
my tears of salt…
Your gods toke from me..
the one I’ve loved most
they should have taken my life also..
my life also


I will try not to ‘genglisch’, means to think, and therefore write in a mixture of German and Englisch too much, but because I did not grow up bilingually, unfortunately, the Englisch on this site will be faulty and is for entertainment purposes only…lots of live & love